Issue | HRC Quarterly Newsletter | July 2018

Business Unusual

Key Highlights

Talk of going a gear up in fulfilling one’s mandate, this is what HRC was up to in quarter two. It was all about doing things differently and earnestly.

April – The group had its quarterly general meeting at Prospect Adventist Church. Practice sessions were extended in preparation for recording. Most excitingly, one of our daughters (Memoranda Murukai) got married and the group graced the ceremony with music.

May – We had a glamourous weekend Music Campout at GlenCity Campsite with intensive coaching from Mr Tsuma and Sister Sikhu Dube. The group also performed at Zimbabwe East Union Conference’s (ZEUC) Strategy launch at HICC.

June – The month was packed with practice sessions, recording, more practice sessions and much more recording – day and night.


From the Directors’ Desk

Amidst the tight recording preparations, two (2) songs were introduced for presentation during the ZEUC’s Stewardship Strategy launch. It was a humbling experience – from the invitation by the Union, to the song writer and composer’s swiftness and the group members’ unwavering commitment.


Evangelism in Song

Commitments fulfilled during the quarter: Marondera Central, Damofalls, Mabelreign South, Southerton, Mother Church (Zengeza 1 West), Malborough East, Mabelreign Main, Nzvimbo/Glendale, Glen View Mega Crusade and Marondera District Music Festival

Other Key Events
• Zimbabwe Union Conference Strategy Launch at HICC
• HRC Music campout at GlenCity Campsite
• 4th Album Recording

Though it was one packed quarter, the team work exhibited by group members was so humbling. It’s true that individual commitment to the group effort is what makes a team work. We wish to thank each and every group member…we couldn’t do it without you!


– Song of the Quarter –
The song of the quarter could only be ‘We Must be Stewards’ now popularly known as ‘The 6Ts of Stewardship’ – written by Mr A.T Mberi and composed by Mr M Matsilele.

Here is what the composer had to say on the inspiration behind notes arrangement – ‘The syllabic arrangement of words let alone the mood on which the words ascribe meant a change over from a sombre stanza into exhortation on the chorus. Also, the line-up of the 6Ts meant a series of notes in 6/8 array’ – Mr M Matsilele

Supporting HRC in Mission

The group remains grateful to its supporters without whose involvement and generosity fulfilling the group’s mission would not have been possible. In addition to our regular supporters, the group is grateful for the support rendered by the following:

  • Prospect Church – hosted HRC during the group’s quarter 1 general meeting
  • GlenCity District – opened its doors to the group for the weekend music camp-out
  • Sister Sikhululiwe Dube and Mr T Tsuma (known to HRC as ‘Mushonga’) – drilled group members during the music

On ProjectTose, here is what Tose Respite Care centre had to say about well-wishers’ 2017 ProjectTose donations:

‘…Their donation on 9th December 2017 of groceries worth one thousand dollars ($1 000.00) was the largest of its kind since 2006. The nutritional needs of the fifty (50) people with disabilities (PWDs) was addressed for at least five (5) months. Tose was for once assured of the basic human needs of food and soap.
The following donation of more groceries and cash of nine hundred and seventy five dollars ($975.00) transformed the operating expenses of Tose . The cash bought the gas stove (heavy duty) and repaired the old one. The electricity bill was halved from six hundred dollars ($600.00) to three hundred dollars ($300.00) per month. Tose can now use the saving to offset other operating expenses as well as facilitate buying of assistive technologies. Tose objectives of rehabilitation have been realized…’


HRC in the Community & Group Welfare

Getrude N’anga, Mr Mabonga, Mrs Nyahotsi, Mrs Chitura and Mrs Hlekisani, we congratulate you for successfully completing your probation. May you enjoy every moment with the HRC family as we labour in His field. To those who passed auditions – Emmanuel Mbanje, Kudakwashe Brian Katsere, Blessing & Blessed Mapuranga, may this be just the beginning of a long and exciting journey with the HRC family.

Our warmest wishes for happiness and prosperity to Q2 babies– Tatenda Mangachena, Mrs Chimbadzo, Mr Masamha, Mr. Maurice, Mrs Maurice, Eve Chingono, Bridget Sada and Mrs Msipa. As for our daughter Memorandah Murukai who wedded in April, you made us all proud. May your marriage bring you more joy than you ever imagined!

Mr Chimbadzo Snr, little Svosve and Gogo Dengure , we hope you feel better with each passing day. With prayer, love and courage you will win the battle over sickness. Sadly, some group members lost their parents. Mrs Kuyeri lost her father and Mr & Mrs Chimbadzo lost their mother. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Meet one of HRC’s SongWriters

Qn: How and when did you get started in creating music?
Ans: Born in Nyazura in the late sixties the music orientation came through my father who was and still is one great chorister. In 1978 while playing a game of droughts my father asked a fellow teacher, MR J.T Makota to mentor me. I was told to join the Sabbath School choir and that marked a new dimension. Learning the link between tonic solfa and staff notation from Mr Makota and yet another music legend our neighbor Mr F. Moyo, I started meddling with tunes and sounds. By form 2, I had done several lines of my own.

Qn: What’s the most important thing you want people to know about your music or music in general?
Ans: Each one of us has a song and that is what can heal both you and the one in a similar feat. Most people cry or celebrate within and that’s not good enough. Once you pour out your all in song you are sure to find healing. Normally I do not enjoy singing my own compositions – they have a way around my emotions and when others sing my song I shed a tear or two.

Qn: What do you like most about song writing?
Ans: In a world where people despise and rebuke you, songwriting can be your source of relief. Here the paper and pen cannot deny you the right to expression. Song writing keeps the bleeding at heart glowing from within. It keeps the yearning more focused for heavenly glory. Songwriting keeps the hopes of wearied saints alive.

Qn: Of the pieces you wrote for HRC, which one would you consider to be your favorite and why?
Ans: This sin-sick world thinks of nothing but joy in the pain of others but one day we will rejoice as we sing THE VICTOR’S SONG over sin when Christ returns. These words among others make this song, of the songs I have written for HRC, my favorite.

Name: Mr Micah Matsilele

Stewardship Series

Stewardship of Talents
By Elder Busangabanye

Spiritual gifts are supernatural abilities given to Christians by the Holy Spirit so they can minister to others through nurture and outreach.

Modern research tells us that 50% of our intelligence is formed before the age of four and 80% before the age of seven. BUT GOD SAYS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. He says there is no limit to the possibilities of a person’s development if they are sincere and have a teachable spirit in studying the word of God (Education 125).

Spiritual gifts were given to the first Christians so they could nurture and build up the church rather than for personal use. Natural talents are the abilities we receive by birth and the natural man is dependent upon himself to discover, develop and use the talent.

The spiritual gift is given the moment we accept Christ and the Christian can call on the Holy Spirit to reveal what gift he possesses, to discipline him in developing the gift and to empower him in using the gift. Matthew 10 tells us the disciples received many gifts when they first accepted Christ.

The non-involvement of many in church is not only because of lack of commitment. Many are convinced that they are not gifted. This is NOT true as in Ephesians 4 we read that … each one of us has received a special gift … (V7). It is therefore important that we all endeavor to identify and develop our gifts.

Upcoming Events – Quarter 3


  • 01.07.18 United Church of Christ Zimbabwe – Eastlea
  • 14.07.18 Madokero
  • 21.07.18 HRC 4th Album & Thanksgiving DVD Launch
  • 28.07.18 Kambuzuma
  • 08.09.18 Letombo
  • 22.09.18 Chinhoyi

Till next time
God Bless