Issue 5 | HRC Quarterly Newsletter | March 2018

Setting the Foundation

Key Highlights

As is always our norm, the first quarter was mainly devoted to planning and dedication of the group’s programs to the Almighty.

January – Annual General meeting and election of the Group’s leadership. The group also took part in an All-night prayer program in collaboration with the Gospel Ensemble and Heralds of the Morning.

February – Visit to Tose Respite Care Centre and final handover of the 2017 ProjectTose donations.

March – Recruitment of additional members.

From the Directors’ Desk

Six (6) songs were introduced during the quarter. In as much as the first quarter was mainly a planning phase, it was business as usual (if not unusual) in so far as practice sessions were concerned. This included a four (4) hour long practice session at Mr. & Mrs. Dengure’s place – thank you for continuously opening your doors for HRC.

– Song of the Quarter –
‘Munda waNaboti’ was the song of the quarter in every sense – long, complex and inspirational. Indeed, God is allied with the poor and no royal wishing will have it otherwise. While we may not have powers of kings and queens, we do have some power, and with it comes the responsibility to use it for good and not for our own selfish ends, individually or collectively.

Supporting HRC in Mission

The group’s efforts are always complemented by the support and generosity of its sponsors. We are truly grateful that you heed the call to give. During the quarter, we received support in cash and kind from Mr C Nyatanga, Mr & Mrs Dengure, Mr & Mrs Ncube and Mr Zvenyika – Your support is something that we never take for granted, be blessed!

The group appeals for assistance in whichever way possible to supplement its efforts towards raising funds for its 2018 projects. For further details on HRC’s sponsorship opportunities feel free to contact us on the details below. We will be happy to tailor make a sponsorship package specifically for you.

The group also wishes to thank youths from Chiremba West and Prospect Districts for augmenting HRC’s efforts in supporting Children with severe mental and physical challenges at Tose Respite Care Centre. The youths spent a Sabbath at Tose in March, contributing money and groceries which included sugar, beans, washing soap, washing powder and bread. May the Lord bless the labour of your hands and continue to inspire the leadership.

HRC in the Community & Group Welfare

The group had the privilege of spending time with children and staff at Tose Respite Care Centre in February. It was such a humbling experience for group members. This opportunity was also used to handover donations which were realised after the closure of 2017 ProjectTose campaign. This included cash amounting to $965.00 donated towards purchase of an industrial gas stove.

The HRC family continues to grow. Eight (8) members passed their probation – Mrs Chikoore, Mr Svosve, Mrs Kuyeri, Mrs Mabwe, Tatenda Mangachena, Bridget Sada and Mr & Mrs Msipa. Welcome to a family of love, laughter and friendship.

Eight (8) new members joined the group namely: Mr Mabonga, Mrs Nyahotsi, Getrude Nianga, Vimbai Gurwe, Mrs Chitura, Mrs Hlekisani, Mrs Svosve and Nokwazi Khumalo – an exciting journey to you!

Q1 babies: Mr Elisha Tendere, Rufaro Katai (popularly known as ‘Boss’ Katai), Mr Mbodza, Mrs Murukayi and Mrs Moyana, may you have all the love your heart can hold, all the happiness a day can bring, and all the blessings a life can unfold.

Sadly, some members have their loved ones who are either sick or have passed away. To the sick, we pray for a complete and quick recovery. As for the bereaved, words fall short of expressing our sorrow for your loss. The group members appreciate the visits arranged by the Public Relations Office during the quarter.

Evangelism in Song

Amidst the busy planning processes, the group did not lose sight of its mission – spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and hymn. Commitments fulfilled during the quarter include: Seke Central, South View/Chitungwiza and South View/Gweru.

Meet one of HRC’s Supporters

Qn: You accompany HRC on almost every commitment. Do you do this because your husband is part of the group?
Ans: It feels normal to come to the commitments. I do it to support my husband but at the same time I wouldn’t come to the commitments if I was not being blessed.

Qn: What is one of your most memorable HRC events and why?
Ans: The most memorable was when HRC sang at my wedding…(laughs), take this as a joke. Actually the most memorable event is the Thanksgiving and ProjectTose Handover program. I was really blessed and impressed because of the great work that HRC did for the Tose children. It was a big day, we had good music from different groups and had good food?. The event showed that HRC is not just a singing group but it’s a group of people who are going out there and making a difference in the society that we live in.

Qn: What is your favourite song by HRC and why?
Ans: This is a tough one. I have a couple of them. But I will pick Rumbidzai Jehovah (I don’t know the title of the song). I like it because of the message it carries as well as how the group sings it. I really like the melody of the song. Can’t wait for heaven because if you guys praise God that way, how much more when angels do it!

Qn: One thing you wish to see HRC do differently?
Ans: I would like to see HRC perform musical efforts, as well as add more of prison and hospital visits etc. For such a big group, I would also suggest having to do activities including HRC Members’ families so as to instil that togetherness.

Name: Mrs Tendere, Jnr

Potential Energy

by Tinashe Kamunda

Famous Scientist William Rankine coined the term ‘potential energy’. He describes it as the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others. Proverbs 24:16 says, ‘For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, but the wicked stumble in time of calamity’.

Something that does not have potential energy to fall is one that is already on the ground, thus it cannot fall. Something that is falling is utilizing stored potential energy. Something that remains in a fallen state is not utilizing any energy thus it is dead, staying in a fallen state is death. However, according to William Rankine, by virtue of its position to others on the ground, it has potential to rise and rising is evidence of life. A complete revolution from falling to rising is evidence of life.

A righteous man is not made righteous by falling, he is righteous because he rises. Remember, in whatever position you are, relative to others, you have potential.

Upcoming Events – Quarter 4

01.04.18 Memoranda Murukai’s wedding
07.04.18 Marondera Central
12.04.18 Damofalls Main
14.04.18 Mabelreign South
12.04.18 HRC General Meeting
04.05.16 Southerton
12.05.18 Fellowship at Mother Church/Zengeza 1 West
13.05.18 Malborough East
18-20.05.18 HRC Music Campout
TBC Fourth Album Recording
09.06.18 Nzvimbo/Glendale
30.06.18 Marondera District
TBC Prison Ministries

Other Events

  • Visit to Tose Respite Care Centre
  • Four (4) hour practice session at Mr & Mrs Dengure’s place

To those inviting HRC in future, the shortest way to HRC members’ hearts remains through MAHEU

Till next time
God Bless