Issue 3 | HRC Quarterly Newsletter | September 2017

True to Mission

Key Highlights

Welcome to the 3rd issue of Hallelujah Revival Chorus’ quarterly Newsletter. We are always committed to giving our supporters updates on the group’s activities. As you have seen from our first two issues, HRC is growing in every aspect and Quarter 3 was no exception. The quarter was all about doing things differently while remaining true to mission.

July – The group performed at Reformed Church in Zimbabwe – Dzivarasekwa. What was even more exciting is that one of the group’s song writers, Mr Ndimande, was the conductor –it was an honour. Below is a quote from one of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe – Dzivarasekwa members.

‘I was blessed my friend. You have a beautiful choir…an excellent choir. The sound is awesome .The decorum aaah we learnt a lot. Thank you. You did a good thing for us. All glory to God almighty vanoita zvinoshamisa. Well dressed. Distinguished and very much together’

August – As highlighted in the previous issue, one of the group’s members (Elisha) tied the knot! It was such an exciting moment. Congratulations once again to Mr & Mrs Tendere Jnr, may your home be a little heaven on earth. As for Elisha’s Gehazi, Tinashe, we hope the weaning off process was not as painful.

Watch the space, we are not yet down with the knot tying business!

September – The group had the opportunity of witnessing and taking part in the launch of the Chiremba West District Choir.
The enthusiasm by the District Pastor cum Choir Director, Pr Makiwa and the members alike was contagious and humbling. May the Lord bless this noble initiative.

From the Directors’ Desk

During practice sessions, members who require remedial lessons are usually ushered to the corridor and this quarter, some music parts almost obtained permanent residence in the corridor. Some members also learnt the hard way that one can be absent while physically present. To the Directors we say, ‘we get the message loud and clear…cease fire!’

Two (2) songs were introduced, bringing the total of new songs so far for 2017 to thirteen (13) .We are forever grateful to our song writers and pray for continued inspiration.

– Song of the Quarter –
In these trying moments we are living in, the song of the quarter could only be ‘Abide With Me’ by Mr Ndimande. Indeed, we will soon be done with troubles and trials as we cross over to the other side and join the joyous celebrations. In the meantime, our plea is for the Lord to be our refuge in order for us to remain steadfast.

Supporting HRC in Mission


The group has launched a fundraising campaign for children with severe mental and physical challenges, in partnership with Tose Respite Care Centre. The needs of the children are endless but unfortunately, Tose Respite Care Centre has no regular source of income and depends largely on well-wishers like you and me. The campaign runs till 9th December 2017 and we invite you to join hands with us on ProjectTose. Every gift counts!


To donate, get in touch with us on the contacts below.
+263 77 6072 834
+263 71 9072 834

The Junior Policy in Action

We wish the junior members who have gone to school success in their studies. As for those who are still seeking appropriate opportunities, we say, wait upon the Lord who makes all things beautiful in His time. The Lord is never late, He is always on time.

HRC in the Community & Group Welfare

You were spot on Willmore, HRC inoswereka nayo. Commitments have become team-building platforms full of shared experiences and hilarious tales including the discovery of a skilled buck hunter amongst the group members . Keep up the spirit brethren. A priceless tip to those who intend to invite HRC for their programs – maheu & mutakura and more maheu!

A warm welcome to new members – Pepertual (soprano), Rufaro and Brian (bass). Congratulations to Mrs Muvhuni, Mr Mugabe and Mr Tsoka on successful completion of your probation. You all must have noticed by now that HRC is more than just a music group. These bring the family size to 39 (full members, members on probation and Juniors).

We wish Quarter 3 babies a bright, healthy, exciting and blessed future – Mr J Tendere, Mr Bulawayo and Tinashe. We also welcome, Ivvana Bulawayo, our newest addition to the Junior members – congrats Mr & Mrs Bulawayo for the bundle of joy!

Just like any family, we had our sad moments. One of our sponsors was involved in an accident but we thank the Lord for His protection and healing hand – we continue to pray for you Mr Zvenyika and miss your presence on commitments. Sadly, one of our members Ennah, lost her mother and a number of other members lost relatives. We pray that the love of God enfolds you during your difficult times and that He helps you heal with the passage of time.

Evangelism in Song

The following commitments were fulfilled during the quarter- Reformed Church in Zimbabwe – Dzivarasekwa, Gadzema Church/Chinhoyi, Zengeza 1 West, Gwasira/Rusape, Chiremba West District/Cranborne and Seke Church.

The group had yet another all day coaching session with one of the song writers, Mr Ndimande at Mr Nyatanga’s residence. You are truly a source of inspiration Mr Ndimande. As for Mr Nyatanga and family, words fail us.

Meet a Group Member

I want to greet all the readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Farai Murukai. I sing bass with HRC and I am the Vice Chairman of the group.

I feel honoured to be a member of HRC – I find acceptance, tolerance, respect and love. We share social and spiritual victories and challenges. It has not been an easy journey but glory be to God for bringing us together this far. As life challenges abound, it is my desire and prayer that we remain united, focused and resolute to the call.

Another thing I appreciate about HRC is its music which has remained ‘old time’ and upholds Adventist values and standards. The likes of Akakomborerwa uyo anofamba naMwari, Ndina Muponesi Anoshamisa, Tichafara Basa Rapera, Peter Was a Disciple and of course the latest hit Mbongoro are all nothing but pure inspirations. My deepest appreciation goes to the composers, Directors and HRC members for heeding the call to duty.

I leave you with Nahum 1:7 ‘The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.’ This verse gives me hope in this dark world. God be with you all!

Upcoming Events – Quarter 4

Seke East 03.10.2017
Glen Rock 07.10.2017
Malborough Main 15.10.2017
Southridge 21.10.2017
Hatfield Central 04.11.2017
Seke South East 11.11.2017

Other Events

HRC is holding its first ever all day musical program on 9th December at Dutch Reformed Church Hall (Cnr S Machel Ave./L Takawira- opp. Megawatt House). The objectives of the program is to encourage musical collaboration within the church hence promoting complementarity rather than competition. Collaborative performances will be made with renowned Adventist music groups from Zimbabwe and Zambia. ProjectTose donation will also be handed over to Tose Respite Care Centre on the day. If there is one HRC event which you should not miss, it is this one… Please diarize!

An even more exciting event comes a week after the musical program – 17th December. Two of the group’s members will be tying the knot. Gary and Monica, we just can’t wait!

Till next time
God Bless

Wedding of Mr and & Mrs Tendere, Jnr