Issue 2 | HRC Quarterly Newsletter | June 2017

Pure Inspiration

Key Highlights

Quarter 2 was filled with nothing but pure inspirations. It was business unusual and we thank the Lord for the team spirit and support from our sponsors, without which our aspirations would have remained as dreams. Above all, glory and honour belongs to the Almighty.

The group’s tagline, Pure Inspiration, was coined in April. We indeed strive to be ambassadors of uncontaminated Adventist choral music, being instrumental in the revival of the musicians and listeners alike. We pray that the Lord continues to inspire the song writers, the music, supporters, the group’s leadership and members.

In May, the group established dedicated contacts for ease of communication and consistency in communication channels –
a Post Office Box, two cellphone lines and a group e-mail address are now in place.

The quarter closed with a new look for the group. Yes, HRC has just rebranded! We however remain committed to the same mission, to edify men through the ministry of music and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and hymns.

From the Directors’ Desk

For HRC Directors, the phrase ‘it can’t’ only exists in the Primary School Mathematics syllabus. Some had convinced themselves that they can’t conduct a choir, apparently they actually can and inspiringly so. Who ever thought that notes and lyrics of a song can be mastered in one practice session? The soft spoken, can really be very tough where music is concerned. Thank you for heeding the call to duty – Indeed, where God’s work is concerned, ‘IT CAN!’

Five (5) songs were introduced in the second quarter, bringing the total of new songs so far for 2017 to eleven (11) . Thank you Mr Matsilele, Mr Ndimande and our very own Mr Chimbadzo for the inspiring pieces.

– Song of the Quarter –
‘Mbongoro Yaremekedzwa’ topped the list this quarter– written by Mr Chimbadzo with music by Mr Matsilele. One great lesson for life! No matter how insignificant or inadequate you might feel, if you are willing, available and ready, the Lord can do great things through you, just like He did with the donkey. Join us on any one of our Quarter 3 commitments and you will testify!

Supporting HRC in Mission

The group continues to express deepest thanks to its sponsors for the generous donations which are a great vote of confidence in the group’s mission. Thank you Mr Nyatanga, Mr Ncube (Blaq Impressions), Mr Zvenyika and Mr & Mrs Janda for your generous support during this quarter. Your donations meant the world to us and May the Lord continue to bless you.

To the group members who tirelessly donate resources (finances, time and technical services), your deeds do not go unnoticed and the Lord will give you a reward for your labour.

The group’s efforts are strengthened by the support and generosity of our sponsors. There are a number of projects available for you to join hands with us as we spread the word. If you would like further detail on the sponsorship opportunities feel free to contact us on the details below. We will be happy to tailor make a sponsorship package specifically for you.

HRC in the Community & Group Welfare

The HRC family continues to grow. Three members on probation were confirmed and we had one new addition to Alto – Mr Bulawayo, Mrs Zvenyika, Mrs Moyana & Mrs Muvhuni, welcome to the family where love resides, memories are created and laughter never ends.

As for the April to June babies (Mrs Mazhawidza, Mr & Mrs Chimbadzo, Mr Masamha, Mrs Madziwa, Monica, Enna, Gary and Eve, may God shower His choicest blessings on you!

Sadly, we still had sickness and deaths of relatives to HRC members and supporters. May we all take comfort in knowing that, no matter where, when or how, God is always there for us.

Evangelism in Song

True to the mission, Quarter 2 was one busy period for the group with a total of eight performances – Norton District, Kuwadzana 1, Chegutu, Winsor Park Ruwa, Letombo, Anderson Mutiweshiri, the Randy Skeete Crusade and the Matsilele Music programme.

An all-day coaching program was also held with Mr Matsilele– a song writer and renowned musician. Beyond the drilling, bonds were created, laughter was contagious and yes, ‘FOOD WAS’ (with our esteemed PR Officer behind the braai stand). Keep up the spirit of oneness!

Yvette Juma

Name: Yvette Juma
Gender: Female
Singing Voice: Alto

The Junior Policy in Action

You cannot talk about passion for HRC and its music without mentioning the name of Yvette Juma, one of the Junior Policy members. This is what she has to say:

‘I joined the group at the beginning of the year as one of the junior policy members. I thought I knew it all in music but since joining HRC, I have realised that there is so much to learn and it’s a humbling experience. I am not only passionate about HRC music, but the HRC family as well. I feel so much at home as there is no distinction between the young and elderly. You will not believe that, before I joined the group, I would tell my friends that I sing with HRC and would prove my word by singing to them (word for word) several songs from the first album – Mawuto Akristu ’ To me, joining HRC has been a dream come true’.

Indeed, Yvette has proved herself as she is a force to reckon with in Alto.

Meet a Group Member

Meet Tinashe Kamunda, one of the youths singing with HRC. Tinashe sings Tenor.

Qn: What made you join the group despite the fact that some youths consider choral music as old fashioned?
Ans: I have always loved choral music from my childhood, getting inspiration from my parents who have been great fans of such choral groups as Voice in the Wilderness & Glen View group. Even in High School, I was a vibrant choir member.

Qn: What is your most memorable moment with HRC?
Ans: The all night prayer program with the Nyatanga family at the beginning of the year uplifted me. I felt God speaking to me personally through the invited speakers.

Qn: Do you have a particular song by HRC which inspires you?
Ans: ‘What’s Your Song?’ by Mr Matsilele speaks to me when I am discouraged and hopeless. Not only do the words encourage me but the way the notes are arranged soothes my soul.

Qn: Your message to the youths out there on music?
Ans: To the youths, I dedicate a quote from Mrs White, ‘As a part of religious service, singing is as much an act of worship as is prayer. Indeed, many a song is prayer. If the child is taught to realize this, he will think more of the meaning of the words he sings and will be more susceptible to their power’-Education, pg 168. Would God consider the type of music you like as a prayer, consider genre as well as the words?

Tinashe Kamunda

Name: Tinashe Kamunda
Gender: Male
Singing Voice: Tenor

Upcoming Events – Quarter 3

Reformed Church of Christ 01.07.2017
Gadzema Church Chinhoyi 08.07.2017
Gwasira (Rusape) 22.07.2017
Bloomfontein S.A. 16.09.2017
Kuwadzana East 23.09.2017

Other Events

Over and above the above commitments, the group has two other exciting events – a wedding of our very own group member, Elisha (27.08.2017) and yet another coaching session with one of our song writers, Mr Ndimande (01- 02.07.2017)

We continue to invite families and supporters to our events.

Till next time
God Bless