Issue 1 | HRC Quarterly Newsletter | March 2017

First Things First

Key Highlights

The first quarter of the year was largely dedicated for planning and committing the group’s vision in God’s hands. An Annual General Meeting was held in January and this resulted in a review of the group’s constitution, in line with constitutional amendment proposals submitted by members. The group’s leadership for 2017 was also selected – from the way the team is geared up for mission, the year ahead looks quite exciting!

February’s focus was on increasing the HRC family size. Ten (10) additional members joined the group, spread across all the four parts. Part of the recruitment process was the enforcement of the group’s ‘Junior’ policy. The young generation has such a contagious passion and zeal for vocation. The older folks have indeed been challenged. A warm welcome to you all!

There was no better way of ending the quarter than a dedication of the group and its vision to the Almighty. An all-night prayer programme was held at Mr Nyatanga’s residence in March – what a hearty welcome! May the Lord richly bless Mr Nyatanga and his family for the generous support. The powerful preaching and music revived and inspired us all for the task ahead.

From the Directors’ Desk

Talk of hidden talents! If the energy exhibited by the team of directors is a foretaste of what they have in store for us for the year ahead, the group is in for serious business. Six songs were introduced within the quarter. Group members had such motivation and enthusiasm to master and internalize the lyrics of these pieces in the shortest period of time – what a commitment!

We look forward to producing one DVD and the 4th album before the end of the year. Meanwhile, directors are working flat out to bring the group to the highest levels of excellence.

– Song of the Quarter –
The most popular song for the quarter was ‘Ndina Muponesi Anoshamisa’, composed by Mr Ndimande. This has become one of the greatest masterpieces of the group members and listeners alike. Indeed we have a wonderful and amazing Saviour who makes all burdens lighter – This song is nothing but pure inspiration!

HRC in the Community & Group Welfare

The HRC family is growing in both size and ages. We celebrated birthdays of both young and old. We wish the January to March babies many more years filled with an abundance of God’s blessings!

On a sad note, a former group member lost her grandmother during the quarter. The group took time to visit the family and comforted them through music. Also, a number of members lost loved ones and some had relatives who were sick. We continue to pray that the Lord comforts the bereaved. We thank Him for His healing hand and pray for continued healing of those still not well.

Evangelism in Song

The group had three Sabbath commitments to Zengeza 1 Main church, Prospect church and Chitungwiza West District meeting. The level of commitment from group members was overwhelming and is appreciated.

Meet a Group Member

This quarter we have the pleasure of introducing Penny Wyken, one of the longest serving group members. Penny sings Soprano.

Qn: What has kept you in HRC?
Ans: The unity of purpose among group members gives one a sense of belonging. The singers are committed and the music is inspiring.

Qn: Your most memorable moment with HRC?
Ans: Every moment with HRC is memorable but one event that stood out was a committing at The Grange church where group members’ families of members were invited. It gave me an opportunity to get to know more about each member and extended HRC’s unity beyond its membership

Qn: What is your favourite Song by HRC?
Ans: I have had many favourites but the current one is ‘The Lord is My Light’ composed by Mr Ndimande. The song gives me the confidence that I am a conqueror with the Lord on my side.

Qn: Any advice to the new members?
Ans: Be humble lest you fall.

Penny Wykan

Name: Penny Wyken
Gender: Female
Singing Part: Soprano

Upcoming Events – Quarter 2

Norton District 01.04.2017
Seke South 09.04.2017
Mabvuku 29.04.2017
Kuwadzana 30.04.2017
Chegutu 13.05.2017
Winsor Park – Ruwa 27.05.2017
Anderson – Mutiweshiri 10.06.2017
Gwasira – Rusape 24.06.2017
Non – SDA Church TBC

Other Events

The 9th of April is business unusual. From 0900-1600, the group will be under intense training by renowned music professionals … Members brace yourselves!

Family and fans are most welcome to join us for any of the upcoming events.

Till next time
God Bless

HRC at Chitungwiza West District Meeting With Pastor Nyahuma