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Tose Respite Care Centre (Tose) is for people with severe mental and physical disabilities. Most of them are children. Tose was founded in 1992 by a Zimbabwean woman who had identified the gap in the care of people with severe disabilities.

Since 2006 Tose has been struggling to keep open because of the economic meltdown. The visit in October 2017 by the Hallelujah Revival Chorus (HRC) generated the Hope for Tose. The HRC participation at Tose Silver Jubilee Celebrations on the 4th of November 2017 ignited further Tose hope as their music was uplifting. They left an impact to all who were celebrating with us. Their donation on 9th December 2017 of groceries worth one thousand dollars ($1 000.00) was the largest of its kind since 2006. The nutritional needs of the fifty (50) people with disabilities (PWDs) was addressed for at least five (5) months. Tose was for once assured of the basic human needs of food and soap.

The following donation of more groceries and cash of nine hundred and seventy five dollars ($975.00) transformed the operating expenses of Tose . The cash bought the gas stove (heavy duty) and repaired the old one. The electricity bill was halved from six hundred dollars ($600.00) to three hundred dollars ($300.00) per month. Tose can now use the saving to offset other operating expenses as well as facilitate buying of assistive technologies. Tose objectives of rehabilitation have been realized.

In short the impact of HRC donation is far reaching than what we experience in the short term. We believe there has been an ignited hope and spiritual revival as we appreciate how the Lord can use his people to help the disadvantaged and disabled people. It is our belief that a group of few people can change the world as HRC has changed Tose operating environment. May the Lord bless the leadership of HRC, its members and sponsors. You are on a good mission.

Compiled by:
Stella Faranisi (Director)

ToseRespite Care Home

Stand 763, Prospect Industrial Park
Off Craneborne Ave West, Prospect
Po Box GT162, Graniteside
Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263-4-576521, 576040/9
Welfare No: W017/92