Being full members of regular standing in the Seventh Day Adventist Church at their respective Churches within the East Zimbabwe Conference, Hallelujah Revival Chorus (HRC) Group Members settle upon and agree to form and together constitute a musical group comprised of male and female singers. It is important that the members of HRC fulfill the vision and contribute to the mission of HRC without reservation in all its endeavours.



To be a model of excellence in the provision of pure Seventh Day Adventist music and to continuously strive for musical excellence, preparing, inspiring and uplifting hearts of congregates, to draw them to new and deeper relationship with God.



Hallelujah Revival Chorus is established to glorify God, carry out the Vision of the Church by edifying men through the unique Ministry of Music and to do our utmost best towards spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song and hymns.

We strive to willingly offer God our best at all times while feeding and educating His sheep with exceptional variety of Adventist Musical Services, being led by well trained, dedicated, loyal, competent and above all, purpose driven, spirit filled and spirit led Directors of Music; To train aspiring musicians at the Academy of Music and Adventist Media Centre.



Values are intrinsic elements that underlie, identify and define who we are as Hallelujah Revival Chorus. These are core beliefs or set of principles, and standards that determine, guide and motivate our attitudes, behaviour, speech and deeds. HRC is committed to upholding these distinctive marks that separate us from the rest which are as follows:

  • Accountability
    Obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Allegiance
    Loyalty or the obligation of loyalty to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
  • Assiduousness
    Unceasing perseverance; persistence and diligence in striving for excellence.
  • Benevolence
    An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts
  • Commitment
    Being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to the cause that we are called to discharge
  • Faithfulness
    Being concerned with adhering firmly and devotedly to the success and perpetuity of Hallelujah Revival Chorus and to situations that elicit or demand our fidelity, no matter how hard it may be.
  • Integrity
    Strict adherence to moral values and principles; to uphold the notion or concept of incorruptibility;
  • Perseverance
    Steady persistence in adhering to Hallelujah Revival Chorus’s course of action, beliefs, goals and dutiful purpose.